EXODUS RETREAT is ideally situated on the north coast of Jamaica at a midway point between Montego Bay and Port Antonio each only 1 hour away by car. The villa is within easy reach of East, west and south of Jamaica, and only 20 minutes away from Ocho Rios and famous attractions such as Dunn's River Falls (please see our attractions page for more information)
We have put together a summary of the most popular trips and the cost for transportation depending on the size of your group.

1 to 4 people = US$100 one way
5 to 10 people = US$ 20 per person each way

shopping and lunch round trip
1 to 4 people = US$ 80
5 to 10 people = US$20 per person

WHITE RIVER - round trip
1 to 4 people = US$ 80
5 to 10 people = US$350

KINGSTON - round trip
1 to 5 people = US$300
6 to 10 people = US$450

NEGRIL - round trip
1 to 5 people = US$240
6 to 10 people = US$350

1 to 5 people = US$ 80
6 to 10 people = US$140

Evening meal followed by clubbing

1 to 5 people = US$120
6 to 8 people = US$180

Please feel free to contact Clare 454-9486 or Everton the driver at 376-6860 at anytime to arrange your transportation for you.
(A complimentary cell phone is on loan to guests with international minutes for all to use as long as your vacation lasts after the first tour with Everton)