Exodus Yoga Retreat Jamaica


When we travel to exotic places in the world, and experience different cultures we have a chance to experience a new inner world.
Exodus Retreat offers our guests the chance to find peace, love and serenity on the island of Jamaica through yoga practice and a healthy lifestyle.


We love to host
anyone at Exodus Retreat in Jamaica.
Are you interested in a more thoughtful kind of holiday?
Time away from daily life to connect more deeply with oneself and others?
We understand that people connect in different ways, so we offer a variety of activities including yoga retreats.


Come and stay at Exodus Retreat, a beautiful 5* villa rental overlooking a championship golf course and the Caribbean Sea.
The villa is located on the north coast of Jamaica in Runaway Bay and is within walking distance to our own private residents beach where we practice yoga under the shade of almond trees or relax in the shade with a good book.
The sea is turquoise blue and the beach is a white sandy beach.
Our yoga retreats explore yoga in a natural and quiet setting, in the villa, on the beach or up in the hills.
Ideal for people new to yoga or those already experienced.
Retreats can be a mixture of yoga, meditation, discussion groups, chat, leisure and other creative and fitness activities.





With over 30 years of yoga lifestyle and meditation training, personal practice, teaching and study, Orah El developed Neti Yoga (Sacred Circles).

Orah has introduced Neti Yoga to hundreds of beginner yoga students. Her gentle hands on approach encourages the novice to have a full yoga experience.This simple system simultaneously relaxes and aligns the body and the super conscious mind.

Through the focus of breath, awareness and posture, one is able to activate the internal energy centers of the body. This practice strengthens the immune system, balances digestive function, increases oxygen levels in the blood, calms the central nervous system, stimulates the harmonic connection between mind, body and emotions and assists in the reconnection of awareness to the Sacred Oneness of Life.

Orah also offers private sessions of Radiance Therapy. Using the power and energy of the Egyptian Mer-Kah-Bah (light body) System. She is able to channel the radiant energy of the sun, grounding it with Earth energy and using those energies like a laser raising the vibrational frequency, to assist the body in healing. This ancient 'hands-on' healing practice, has been passed down from her mother and great grandmother and offered with love.